Professional communication - from the very beginning in new hotels, in case of major renovations, management changes, etc.

The times when guests had confidence in computer-animated images are over - your guests want more information before they make their booking decision! They usually have a lot of detailed questions about a new hotel or changes in a hotel, and they are looking for more information. Often they find this in travel forums or on Facebook, where many rumors about a new hotel are being discussed. For new hotels this can be a risk, but also a very big opportunity.

Let your guests participate in the construction phase with our help:

  • Open communication right from the start allows you a good start and creates a very big interest in the market!
  • If the great interest of the guests in the development of the hotel and in actual and realistic pictures is fulfilled and the questions of the guests are answered openly and honestly, you can win many "fans" already before opening and build trust!
  • Regular updates with real pictures, professional explanations and positive communication will be done by us!
  • If desired, we create and manage your own hotel page e.g. at Facebook for open and direct communication with your guests.