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Professional management of the hotel accounts at HolidayCheck & Tripadvisor (German / English) and on other portals (eg Google)

Did you know that over 80% of all European guests read hotel reviews on the Internet before booking a hotel? HolidayCheck is not only a very well - known portal for hotel reviews, but also the second - largest online travel agency in Germany. Tripadvisor is even bigger and has a high influence for hotels, restaurants, etc.. Reviews on Google are also growing. Not only your guests, but also tour operators and travel agencies also decide by guest reviews whether they offer your hotel or not - and at what price. Your performance on these portals is therefore very important!

Over 80% of all travellers from two comparable hotels prefer to book the one with commented reviews, which answers the guests' reviews in an individual, professional, informative and communicative way. In many cases the expectation of the guests can be guided in the right way by good answers. At the same time, the readers of the reviews build trust in the hotel when they are answered professionally and individually.

Responses to reviews are a very important part of corporate communication right at the point of sale.

We offer:

  • Professional, informative, communicative and individual responses to each review in the name of the hotel management. You do not have to worry about it anymore, but you will be informed immediately of any abnormalities.
  • Continuous, reliable and sustainable quality of responses - independent of stress phases, personnel changes, staff shortages, etc.
  • We ensure fast, reliably and confidential communication with our partners so that we can always be informed about the happenings in the hotel and respond appropriately to the guest reviews and quickly take countermeasures in case of complaints in order to avoid that they repeat.
  • Effective and free or cost-effective strategies and ideas to motivate more guests to submit a review
  • In the case that a review is against the law or against the rules of the portals, we will solve this for you
  • Update and maintain your hoteliers' accounts with news, current, realistic pictures of your hotel, etc.
  • Regular evaluations of your performance on the valuation portals
  • Measures for the recovery of guests in case of complaints. In each hotel mistakes can happen - we make them undone
  • In all we done, of course we behave strictly according to the Code of Conduct of the valuation portals.