We are aware that there are also a lot of vendors on the Internet who are trying to do business with reviews and just want to your best: your money. Some offers are not only quite dubious and questionable, but even punishable - both for the offerer and primarily for you as a hotelier.

We have imposed a strict Code of Conduct to protect our partners:

* In all we do, we adhere strictly to the conditions of use of the valuation portals and pursue a strict No Fake Policy.

* No hotel is 100% protected against fake reviews, which do not correspond to the conditions of use of the HolidayCheck/ Tripadvisor/ google, etc.. Also not before blackmail attempts by guests, which unfortunately sometimes can occur. Even if these cases are rather rare, we will do everything we can are there to help and support.

* We accept every evaluation from the guests of our customers, which corresponds to the conditions of use of the valuation portals and handle it fair and transparent. Be positive or negative.

* We cooperate and communicate openly, honestly and transparently with our partners and the evaluation portals.

* In all we do, we are 100% loyal to our partners and guarantee 100% discretion.

* The privacy and the anonymity of your guests are always respected, we do not expose anyone.

* Legal data protection standards are respected.

* Our partners enjoy the advantage of exclusivity, for example, we avoid to work together with direct competitors

* Communication with our partners is tailored to the needs and in the most comfortable way for the partners

* There are no strict office hours. We are always happy to serve our partners when we are needed.

* We see ourselves as a permanent member and colleagues of your team and adapt our services flexibly to the individual needs of our partners. What needs to be done, we do - without "if" and "but".

* The monthly flat rate of our services depends on the size of the hotel and the efforts that must be used for the Online Reputation-/ Review Management. With us there is no hidden costs, but "All Inclusive".