• Any satisfied guest can be a multiplier - today more than ever and in the future even more than today
  • Previously (year ago), holiday experiences were shared only with friends, neighbors, colleagues and the family
  • Today more and more guests publish their comments and hotel reviews on various social media channels such as, for example, HolidayCheck, Tripadvisor, Google, Facebook, etc.
  • These comments are read online hundreds or even thousands of times and form a public opinion about your company
  • Comments and reviews of your guests are an additional and very important tool for your quality management! Your guests can be your advertising ambassadors!
  • With professional, individual and guest-oriented answers to every review, your guests will be delighted and feel that you take the hotel evaluations and the suggestions for improvement that are included in them seriously and communicate with your guests openly - not only during but also before and after the holiday!
  • The way how the answer is written is crucial in this important part of corporate communication, as it is directly at the "point of sale". Here, expectations are managed, trust is built here, not only former guests but also future guests will find valuable information. This works only, if the great opportunities that are in a response to each review, are also utilized.