• Not only good reviews about your company will appear in the internet – also bad ones. This can happen to any business, because tastes are different.

  • Bad or poor reviews are read much more frequently and even rated as "helpful" than good ones. In some portals, such as Google, the "helpful" ratings are even displayed as the top priority!

  • Bad reviews without a corresponding statement from the hotel leave a bad impression with anyone who reads them. The reader has the impression that the company is not interested in critic or improvements and that the opinion of its guests and customers does not matter.
  • Often the hotel staff, which is encharged with the review management and social media, is not professional: Guests, who rated the hotel negatively, are insulted, publicly ridiculed, also violent overreactions of the staff are among many other errors. The communicative potential, which is also and especially in a bad evaluation, is not used and that can seriously damage the image of a hotel or a company. Thousands of potential guests and clients will read these inadequate comments and most probably choose another hotel with more professional comments and responses to the reviews!
  • No reaction to complaints, criticism or bad reviews - be it justified or not - is not a solution! The "evil Internet" is also there when you close the browser.